Wire Shelving and Its Use in Restaurants

Wire Shelving and Its Use in Restaurants

It is a headache for the restaurants to deal with their inventory, at times. It is a problem to decide where to store the inventory till its turn comes in the cooking line. Wire shelving is one of the primary systems you could install in the restaurants to avoid the headache of placing the inventory in its right place. Wire shelving is a primary weapon for you while you battle for storage.

Wire shelving units could be fitted in any space. You will just have to take the measurements and get shelving fitted according to it.

One of the most important decisions is to figure out that which type of wire shelving would be most suitable for you, maybe metal wire shelving can be a better choice as it is sturdy. You need to decide that according to the situation of your restaurant. There are different types of wire shelving that you can take into consideration.

Plated wire shelving is completely chrome plated. This wire shelving is rust resistant, and it could bear up to 150 pounds weight, meaning every player could hold 150 pounds. This type of wire shelving is best suitable for dry storage. If you need a mobile wire shelf, you could get caster set fixed in it so that it becomes easy for you to circulate it in the restaurant. Plated wire shelving is also affordable as compared to other types. Since plated wire shelving is just rust-resistant but not rust-proof, you should never use it in the walk-in cooler; be sure you do not do this. This is because walk-in cooler has a moist environment and the plated wire shelves are not suitable for such environment. You need to take care of these things because health inspectors could visit you anytime, and if they catch your shelves with rust, they would probably impose a heavy fine.

Epoxy coated wire shelving is another type. This type of shelving is rust-proof which allows it to be used in walk-in cooler. Hence, it is a bit costly in comparison to any other shelving type. Epoxy Wire Shelves are most likely to wear off over the time. This type of wire shelving also holds up to 150 pounds.  If you place more weight than that, the shelve would probably start to warp. If you have to place more weight than 150 pounds, you could purchase dunnage racks as they hold up to 2000 pounds.

In hotels and restaurants, people leave the dirty dishes on the tables and then those tables have to be winded up immediately. The waiter takes the time to wind it up because he cannot clean up the table all at once. To quicken the winding up speed, you could use mobile wire shelves. Mobile wire shelves have caster sets attached to them so that they could move from one place to the other.

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